Finger Farms

specializes in square bales for horses. from time to time we make horse quality 4x5 round bales

we also make roundbales for cattle

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Hi, everybody! We've been working hard to get our hay fields ready for this year and they're looking great. Due to the high cost of lime this year, we selected another fertilization route to go. We chose some organic matter to take the place of lime. It's working already. We plan to start our first cutting a little before the end of April. It looks like we'll be able to keep our square bale prices at $8 and our round bales under $100.

We also will be making round bales from Bahia grass. We don't have a price yet, but we think it should be about the same as last year.

So welcome back everyone, we look forward to seeing you again. We'll post on our website when the hay is ready.