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20% Bonus

Although having to do with fertilizing, we wanted to give you more value for your money. So, we make larger bales than you will most likely find from other growers or feed stores.

Our bales, at 60-65 pounds, are at least 20%-30% larger. You just get more for your money with hay from Finger Farms.


The Finger family has always presented quality at the best price. So it was our mission to produce the finest hay available at an affordable price. What makes our hay so good and rich in protein and nutrients? In a word : FERTILIZER

When it comes to fertilization and weed control, we do not skimp. This year, fertilizing and weed control was almost half of our production costs.

  • After each cutting we send soil samples to be tested so we can get the right amount of nutrients back into the ground for the next cutting. As you can see from the page on protein, it has certainly paid off. 
  • Mature horses at turnout, or in very light work, will maintain weight and health on good quality hay.
  • "My recommendation is to feed as much good hay as he will clean up and add grain only as necessary to keep him at ideal weight." (1)
  • "So, it's easy to see that quality high protein hay from Finger Farms can lower your feed bill, thanks to our fertilizing program." (2)