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Finger Farms Hay

Our hay is just about all you need for your horses based on the information below. You should be able to cut down on your feed bill tremendously.

Current Results :

ADF RANGE: 28% TO 30%

Of Course, we know every horse has different needs at different times. We recommend you consult with your veterinarian for your horse's diet needs.

Protein And Nutrents

  • Everyone knows the importance of protein in a horse's diet. Protein is the mainstay of a healthy horse's diet. The average protein need for a mature horse is about 10%. Horses in training need more; idle mature horses need less. Weaning horses need about 14.5% protein, but that comes from the mare's milk. 
  • By the time a horse is three, he needs only about 10-12% protein. Usually an adult horse will get plenty of protein from good quality grass. (1). Many horsemen feed 12-14% protein supplements, in addition to a high protein (alfalfa) hay diet. These horses are getting way more protein than they need. (1) 
  • The forage source needs to have a high level of energy or calories if the horse is going to be working at moderate to intense activity levels. Your horse will not have enough calories to maintain their good body condition if you only feed them hay that has six percent protein and thirty-nine percent ADF or Acid Detergent Fiber. ADF is basically a rough estimate of non-digestible fiber. The quality of forage can be determined by ADF value since the higher the ADF the poorer the quality of the forage. 
  • Owners often increase the amount of grain in the horses diet to make up the difference, which can lead to (your) horse becoming more excitable. However, if you make sure your hay has up to 12% protein content and a low ADF for better fiber value, then you will be giving your horse more calories per pound and won't have to give them as much grain, which allows you to avoid a hyper horse.